AS - 2014: Peace lies with us Nov.

November 7, 2014 „Peace Lies in Our Hands‟ Peace Education Workshop

„The rainbow tree…little doves of peace‟Open House Day - Class 1b VS Hietzinger Hauptstrasse, Vienna

During this Workshop, the children were invited to explore in a creative way what peace is while strengthening their English language skills. The rainbow tree was chosen to symbolize our diversity as well as our common roots and connection to mother earth. The children were invited to make a handprint on the tree and to transform their handprint into a dove: a messenger of peace. In doing so they needed to consider the rights of others when making overlapping hand prints. Furthermore, the children were provided with the lyrics of „I can sing a rainbow‟ which they performed at the opening of the International Day for Tolerance Exhibition. Under the guidance of volunteer English coach Nick Peña and aspiring artist Patricia Peña, the Rainbow Tree was completed by Mira Alexiewicz, Andi Chen, Maria Chudovskaya, Mia Consemüller, Henrik Egger, Laura Fengler,Nicolas Fried, Nelson Gregor, Ludwig Härtel, Elias Hazare, Luca Sophie Hermatschweiler, Matthias Holzer, Romy Klein, Victoria Krammer, Nikolaus Novak, Julia Faith Peña Huertas, Alex Pyrek, Daniel Rudnickis, Julian Salzer, Sophie Schreiner, Ines Tscheliesnig, Emil Tripes, Filip Van de Pavert. Dipl.-Päd. Ulrike Fitzka explained the workings of UNESCO to the children as a lead up to the Workshop. The painting has been donated to the school.