WFUCA Lucca-2013

March 8-13, 2013
Lucca/ Florence, Italy

Executive Board of WFUCA and the International Conference on "The Universal Language of Music and Art for a Global Ethic”

Brief outline of Program:
  • Opening speech by Mr Mauro Rosi from UNESCO HQ
  • Fandango by Boccherini performed by the guitar class of conservatory
  • Conversation on "Music as primary element in the cultural and ethical identity of the people" with Mr. Rosi, Mr. Kida from Japan and Mr. Fabris from Pisa
  • Japanese ceremony with music and dance
  • William Blake's Poems & songs performed by Victor Vertunni
  • Conversation on "Music for a global ethic based on the spiritual growth of the human being" with Mr. Rosi, Mr. Vertunni and Mr. Pobitschka
  • "Kirie Eleison - Dedicated to Nature" by Robert Pobischtka Performed by the composer and soprano singer Clara Polito from the singing class of the Conservatory. 
  • Closing speech by Mr. Rosi
  • Theme from "La vita e' bella" performed by the string quintet of the Conservatory.

  • The Italian Federation of WFUCA
  • The local governments of Lucca, Florence and the Tuscan Region.
  • The Towns of Lucca and Florence have been chosen for their universally acknowledged value in music and art.