2012 - 7

19 March - 14 October 2012
Vienna, Austria

Participants in the "Vienna Charter"

The Vienna Charter is an instrument of direct democracy and responds to a new understanding of politics.’The Vienna Charter aims to set the course for a good and respectful climate in our city in cooperation with all our citizens’.


Based on the input provided in Phase I, three aspects are being addressed:
behaviour = "getting along with each another" (717 postings)
Behaviour in road traffic and public transport (294 postings) Manners in everyday life - respectfulness of others in social life (423 postings)
attitude = "not always the same" (761 postings)
Young and old (162 postings) Speaking German - speaking other languages (95 postings) I and the others who are different from me (504 postings)
Public space = "feeling good in a tidy environment" (624 postings)
Cleanliness in the city (174 postings) Public space - a living environment for all of us (450 postings)

Read more on the Vienna government's website here.



Direct Democracy public participation in policy making and setting of political agendas for change in addition to elections

  • Mayor and Governor of Vienna Michael Häupl, Deputy Mayor Maria Vassilakou
    Executive City Councillor for Integration Sandra Frauenberger
    • Charter Advisory Board
    • Approx. 300 Vienna Charter partners from companies, community groups, clubs and informal groupings of concerned individuals.
“The project management is especially pleased about the fact that international organizations recognize the innovation of the project and also carry information on their networks on the local context. The UNESCO Club Vienna and the UNHCR are supporting partners of the Vienna Charter”.