AN - 2014: Peace lies in our hands

October 14, 2014 „Peace Lies in Our Hands‟ Peace Education Workshop „Peace lies in our hands‟ in collaboration with Caritas- Lerncafés, Hebbelplatz Vienna

The Peace Education Workshop “Frieden liegt in unseren Händen”- Peace lies in our hands„ developed by UNESCO Club Vienna was convened for children aged between 6 and 15 years. Issues relating to unity and diversity, inclusiveness, inter-connectivity, mobbing and tolerance were discussed. The mural is a collective effort of the children as well as staff and volunteers incorporating symbols and words for peace. The process required the participants to find practical solutions in finding space for individual expression while respecting the space and rights of the „other‟.

The mural was painted under the guidance of visual artist CAROP by Amir Abumuslimov, Liana Ahmathanova, Linda Ahmathanova, Magomed Ahmathanov, Basak Altuntas, Rabiya Cakir, Zühre Cakir, Özge Dede, Haroon Hakimi, Shahron Hakimi, Talwasa Hakimi, Muhammed Ikinci, Rabiya Kapusuz, Vedat Kapusuz, Victoria Kern, Luka Nicolic, Fatma Özdagan, Nazente Sasmaz, Kristina Stojanovic, Aysenur Tasyürek, Suayip Tekin, Ömer Yilmaz together with the Lerncafé-Team Ingrid Gruber, Maria Baier, Lukas Sodek, Tilman-Otto Wagner and volunteers Gerhard Engl, Catalina Keglevic, Wolfgang Lauber, Maria Orthofer, Sandra Schestak, Karl Weinwanschitzky, Kurt Winterstein as well as performance artist Christoph Band and Shahin Tavi.