17 to 20 October 2011
UNESCO HQ, Paris, France

7th UNESCO Youth Forum

The UNESCO Club Vienna was invited to participate in the Forum. We supported the participation of our Intern on Culture and Communication as observer.
UNESCO Club Vienna submitted a paper highlighting activities during the International Year of Youth using UNESCO Arts in Education approach in human rights workshops for children and youth. The report of our Intern was also submitted for consideration.

The main themes of the Forum was:

  • How youth drive change
  • Citizens in action: youth in political and public life
  • Countering youth exclusion, vulnerability and violence
  • Breaking through employment barriers
  • Youth
  • Arts in Education
  • Human Rights
  • Participatory Democracy
  • Cultural Diversity/Integration

The Final Report drafted by youth participants containing key recommendations on the themes was adopted at 36th UNESCO General Conference.

It is noteworthy that Arts in Education approach was included as a main modality.

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  • UNESCO Headquarters: Youth, Sport and Physical Education Section
  • Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences UNESCO