AQ - 2014: Wege zur Seele

October 25, 2014 Wege zur Seele – Destinazione Anima, Mozart House Domgasse Vienna

Although Neapolitan is spoken by approximately 7.5 million people, UNESCO‟s Atlas of the World‟s Languages in Danger lists Neapolitan as „vulnerable‟ since it is mainly spoken in the home. Neapolitan is not a variant of Italian, but rather has its own grammar, orthography, pronunciation, and vocabulary, the base born from Latin to which was mixed the languages of the people who inhabited and dominated the city of Naples: the Greeks, Normans, French, and Spanish - a cosmopolitan bloodline with a rich cultural heritage.

Natale Porritiello poet, lyricist and philosopher, is a passionate promoter of Neapolitan to ensure it remains a vital and vibrant part of our collective cultural heritage both in Italy and abroad.

On 25 October 2014 at a tribute to Natale Porritiello organized by Christine Deifel under the auspices of the UNESCO Club Vienna, Natale Porritiello presented his anthology of poetry „Wege zur Seele - Destinazione Anima‟ at the historic Mozart House in Vienna with recitation in Neapolitan, Italian and German. Marco Ferrante and Austro/Italian bariton Andrea Martin, accompanied on piano by Simone Cozzolino, performed compositions by Mozart as well as canzone napoletana including Pe`stradè Napule written by Natale Porritiello and composed by Maestro Vincenzo D‟onofrio. Mozart Doorsill 358 and paintings by performance artist Christoph Band were on exhibition.