AO - October 18-21, 2014 WebMUN 2014 Conference „Energy issues of the 21st century‟

wedfgbsite 2014 eventsOctober 18-21, 2014 WebMUN 2014 Conference „Energy issues of the 21st century‟ convened at Websters Private University (sponsored by UNESCO Club Vienna)

As the only MUN Conference specifically designed to simulate energy diplomacy in an interconnected way, WebMUN 2014 provides an opportunity to delegates to challenge the current view of the economy as an end in itself and to consider the economy as a sphere of human activity to ensure the building of a sustainable, just and peaceful world.

The issues tabled at this ground-breaking conference are urgent and complex and impact individuals, communities and corporations. Our hope lies in the delegates‟ ability to work together on a blueprint for development which factors in responsible and ethical consumerism.

Were these issues adequately addressed? UCV Youth Coordinator Melanie Kirchbaumer, designated as Green Peace delegate to the conference, reported that many substantive issues with respect to alternative energy were deflected due to a mock crisis situation. This raised the very important issue of conflicting agendas and derailment of processes through the media – an on-going challenge. Benjamin Haertl designated as Earth Charter Initiative delegate (facilitated by UCV in consultation with the ECI Secretariat in Costa Rica). A report by Benjamin Haertl on the WebMUN can be viewed at

EFUCA, the European Federation was invited by UNESCO Club Vienna to nominate up to six delegates to the WebMUN. Registration fees to be paid by UCV.

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