Events - 2010

12 August 2010
Vienna, Austria.
12 – 20 August 2010
International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures

Opening of UN International Year of Youth 2010-2011

Exhibition  “One Family”:, a series of murals by children on five different continents showing the children’s concept of their family and cultural identity. The exhibition showed the first in the series of paintings, created by children of Chinese origin in Vienna.


  • Dialogue among Civilizations
  • UN International Year of Youth

  • United Nations lnformation Service (UNIS) Vienna
  • Ambassador of China to the UN Organizations in Vienna
  • Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna
  • artist Zhao Yusheng
  • Chinese traditional music Pei Ju Tsai.

19. June 2010
Sebenstein, Austria

80th Birthday celebration of Elder J. Reuben Silverbird, Peace Ambassador for Indigenous Peoples

Elder Silverbird has spoken at  leading Universities including Columbia, Stanford, at the UN in New York, Vienna, Geneva as well as Nobel Institute in Oslo.

  • Dialogue among Civilizations
  • Culture of Peace
  • International Decade of the World's Indigenous People (2005-2014)

  • World Peace Federation

18 May 2010
Steinway - Haus Linz, Austria.

5th in the Series "Contemporary music – aesthetic contra ethic?"

Featuring: Peter Androsch, composer and founder of Hörstadt which explores the relationship between acoustic, space and society
Moderation by Robert Pobitschka, President of UNESCO Club Wien.

  • Music as a carrier of socio-cultural impulses
  • Steinway in Austria

18. April 2010
University of Vienna, Austria.

Workshop on the evolving concept of Family in a globalized society for 2nd & 3rd Culture Kids

Children of Chinese origin living in Vienna.

The UNESCO Club Vienna initiated the first in a series of workshops to explore the evolving concept of family in a fast-paced and globalized world.

  • International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures
  • Inter-cultural Dialogue
  • Arts in Education
  • Confucious Institute of the University of Vienna

18. April 2010
Vienna Concert House (Wiener Konzerthaus), Austria.

25th Anniversary Celebration of the Vienna Children’s Opera at the Vienna Concert House

Maestro Georges Sanev, Founder and Artistic Director premiered the production of "Wirrwarr im Zirkus" – a children’s musical by Jana & Georges Sanev.

The main aim of the Vienna Children’s Opera is to promote friendship between children of all nations through the magic of music. Children of over 20 different nationalities attend the school.


  • International Year for the Reapprochement of Cultures
  • Inter-cultural Dialogue
  • Arts in Education

  • Maestro Georges Sanev, Founder and Artistic Director of the Vienna Children’s Opera at the Vienna Concert House

13. April 2010
Vienna, Austria

Citizen’s action: preservation of a green  courtyard in the historical centre of Vienna

The old city of Vienna is listed as a "UNESCO World Heritage Site" and UNESCO Club Vienna informed on the Convention on Protection of Culture

The initiative resulted in formation of an association to raise awareness of the issues related to the preservation of green spaces in inner city areas.
Furthermore it generated debates and discussions between architects, city planners and civil society with respect to development of areas listed as heritage sites

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Participatory democracy
  • Rights & responsibilites of civil society and business interests
  • District government representative
  • Representatives of political parties
  • Officials of the Building Authorities
  • Citizen’s Group

30 January 2010
Erbahrsaal, Vienna, Austria.

Benefit Concert to raise funds for Earthquake victims in Haíti

by Robert Pobitschka (Pres. UNESCO Club Vienna)


  • Solidarity
  • Dialogue among Civilizations
  • Honorary Consul for Haiti
  • Diplomatic Community
  • Staff of the International Organizations in UNO in Vienna
  • 6.200,04 Euro raised for 'Nachbar in Not'- Erdbebenhilfe"