AA - Fabelwelt Kinderbucher von nah und fern

January to December, 2014 Fabelwelt Kinderbucher von nah und fern,Vienna.

The UNESCO Club Vienna sponsors workshops and readings to promote understanding and tolerance for other cultures and traditions. Culture is a bridge not an obstacle to reconciliation and peace. The following workshops and readings were sponsored at Fabelwelt in 2014.

 French/German reading with Doris Barbier, French-Austrian author & journalist

 Persian/German reading & workshop with Mercede Ameri, an Iranian illustrator living in Vienna  Hungarian/German reading in co-operation with Collegium Hungaricum

 English/German. reading with Angelika Ditha-Morosowa, theater director & artist

 Hungarian/German reading & workshop with Mariann Maray, Hungarian illustrator

 Russian/German reading of Cechov with Angelika Ditha-Morosowa

 Hungarian/German reading & workshop with Irisz Agocs, Hungarian author & illustrator

 Japanese/German workshop with Hisa Enamoto, Japanese artist