6 December 2011
Gallery Base Level Vienna

Timur Andiev Art Exhibition/Film


Base Level supports and promotes young artists.


  • Dialogue among Civilizations through Art
  • Youth and Culture
  • Ural-Siberian Federation of UNESCO clubs
  • "Children of Russia" NGO (WFUCA)
  • Base Level Gallery – Austrian Chamber of Commerce



November 2011
Drosendorf, Austria











Workshop for Primary School children

Introduction to the principles engendered in the UDHR and Convention on the Rights of the Child through the use of Arts in Education approach (composition of text and music as well as improvisation of small theatre scenes).

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17 to 20 October 2011
UNESCO HQ, Paris, France

7th UNESCO Youth Forum

The UNESCO Club Vienna was invited to participate in the Forum. We supported the participation of our Intern on Culture and Communication as observer.
UNESCO Club Vienna submitted a paper highlighting activities during the International Year of Youth using UNESCO Arts in Education approach in human rights workshops for children and youth. The report of our Intern was also submitted for consideration.

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26 September 2011
MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria

Seminar by Alternative Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, founder of ‘SEKEM - Sustainable Development in Egypt’

  • Sustainable development
  • Ethics and business
  • BIO-AUSTRIA organized the event in collaboration with MuseumsQuartier.


3 September 2011
United Nations Vienna, Austria

Exhibition "One Family: My Family and the Family of Peoples"

Marking the end of the International Year of Youth The art project "One Family" was launched as an initiative by the Confucius Institute at the University of Vienna, the UNESCO Club Vienna and the artist Yusheng Zhao.

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August 2011
Vienna, Austria

Internship with UNESCO Club Vienna

Doctoral Student in Communication Studies (major in communication and culture)
Communicative behaviours of Arab Youth residing in Vienna.

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9 May 2011
United Nations, Vienna, Austria

Information Day for Austrian Schools

Presentation of UNESCO Club Vienna project on Human Rights education for children using Arts in Education approach of UNESCO

  • Human Rights
  • Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights ("Polis")
  • United Nations Information Services (UNIS) in Vienna