12 - 22 July 2008
Cusco, Peru

International Year of the Planet (IYOP)

Sin Fronteras - Without Borders
1st International Symposium of Sculpture

“Sin Fronteras - Without Borders” brought together artists and academics from Alpine countries and the Andes to explore ways and means of benefiting from the planet’s resources without disturbing the proper functioning of the Earth's System.
Macro-sculpture & culture of the Andes; stone restoration and vulcanology; cave paintings - geological disturbances; Introduction into the nature of medicinal plants; Anthropologist- Sculpture life; Architect - Technological suggestion "Plan Apis"; Agriculture of the Andes in the 21st Century; Agrobiodiversity in the region of the Andes

Workshops with school children.

Watch a news report of on the event here.

  • Cusco is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Cultural heritage

  • Sin Fronteras
  • Austrian Embassy, Lima
  • Instituto Nacional de la Cultura, Peru.
  • Mayor of Cusco
  • School and university directorates
  • The Rainbow Center (Urubamba - Peru)