June 2007
Suzhou, People's Republic of China

Environment Day
Exhibition and Concert at Municipal Hall

'Water is Life' performed by Robert Pobitschka. Exhibition of paintings 'Water and Nature' by Zhao Yu Sheng.
Local artists, celebrities and government officials with presentation of civic awards by the office of the Mayor of Souzhou and Environment officials.

UNESCO-IHE 50 Years of Wise Water
Meeting with Deputy Mayor (managing environment protection and health), discussions on public health issues and industrial pollution. Discussions centred around UNESCO-IHE 'wise use of water resources' in the context of expanding pressures of tourist development in the area.

Discussion with Shanghu Tourist Vacation Areas Management Committee, Changshu, and Taihu National Vacation Areas management on circulation economy model, water management in textile industry area.

Celebration of 10 year anniversary of inscription of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Tree Planting Ceremonies.

  • International Environment Day
  • UNESCO Water for Life Decade
  • 10th Anniversary Suzhou Gardens (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • UNESCO-IHE 50 Years of Wise Water
  • Suzhou Municipal Government (managing environment protection and health)
  • Wuzhong District People's Government of Suzhou
  • Wuzhong Environmental Protection Bureau of Suzhou
  • Suzhou Taihu National Vacation Areas
  • Shanghu Tourist Vacation Areas Management Committee, Changshu, Suzhou