June 2007
Liaocheng/Shandong (water city of the north), People's Republic of China

Visit to Liaocheng University discussion with faculty staff
Concert at Liaocheng University

'Water is Life' performed by Robert Pobitschka. Reading of Poem 'Water is Life' by painter and poet Liu Ding Guo. Chinese classical instruments.

Discussion on environmental impact of tourist development in and around the wetlands reserve with government officials and management of Liaocheng 2-Horses Tourist and Cultural Development Co. Ltd

Visits to vocational training centre for young women, child education centres. Tree Planting ceremonies

  • UNESCO Water for Life Decade
  • UNESCO-IHE 50 Years of Wise Water
  • Liaocheng Municipal Government
  • Liaocheng University
  • Liaocheng Committee of CPC
  • Liaocheng Peoples Congress
  • Liaocheng Women's Federation
  • Liaocheng 2-Horses Tourist and Cultural Development Co. Ltd
  • Liaocheng Foreign Affairs Office
  • Liaocheng  Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Liaocheng Public Affairs Bureau
  • Liaocheng Jiangbei Water Group