30.04.2013, 8pm

Krems-Stein, Austria

Venue: GH Salzstadl, Steiner Donaulände 32


2nd International Jazz Day der UNESCO


Clemens Salesny Saxophone, Klarinette und Bassklarinette
Daniel Riegler Posaune
Peter Rom Gitarre
Bernd Satzinger Kontrabass, Bass-Synthyzizer,
Clemens Wagner Keyboards
alle: Laptop
The JAZZWERKSTATT WIEN NEW ENSEMBLE represents the masterminds of an arts and social networking movement. Clemens Salesny, Daniel Riegler, Peter Rom, Bernd Satzinger and Clemens Wenger call their music "a kind of contemporary chamber music" (Supported by 'LUDWIG RITTER VON KOECHELGESELLSCHAFT KREMS')
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Contact Name: Guenther Fallmann

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Contact Tel: (+43) 6803258318
UNESCO's Message for International Jazz Day...

"Jazz has been a force for positive social transformation throughout its history, and it remains so today. This is why UNESCO created International Jazz Day. From its roots in slavery, this music has raised a passionate voice against all forms of oppression. It speaks a language of freedom that is meaningful to all cultures.The same goals guide UNESCO in its efforts to build bridges of dialogue and understanding between all cultures and societies."
 Irina Bokova, Director General

Watch the video of UNESCO's Director General's Internationa Jazz day message 'Jazz is the music of Freedom' here

Watch a Video Message from Herbie Hancock and UNESCO's Goodwill Ambassador & Chairman of Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz on International Jazz day here