28th November - 2 December 2012
Bucharest, Romania

3rd General Assembly of the European Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (EFUCA)

World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA) executive board meeting

Official recption held on the 29th of November at the Parliament of Romania. Exhang of experience with the Romanian Federation and representatives of the national minorities. Presentation of Wiener Charta" document.

Der Text der Wiener Charta wurde im Jahr 2012 von den Wienerinnen und Wienern erarbeitet und am 27. November 2012 präsentiert. Seither hat der Prozess im In- und Ausland großes Interesse gefunden und wurde bei Tagungen und Kongressen (etwa der Weltbank für Bürgermeister aus Südost-Europa oder der UNESCO in Rumänien) präsentiert.

Presentation of the Global Ethics programme, developed under the auspices of WFUCA, at the South-East Europe University in Bucharest.

Themes of the plenery session: The future and the of role of EFUCA

Cultural diversity - cultural wealth of Europe.



UNESCO leads the United Nations Literacy Decade (UNLD) under the slogan of “Literacy as Freedom”.



In declaring this Decade, 'the decade of literacy', the international community recognised that the promotion of literacy is in the interest of all, as part of efforts towards peace, respect and exchange in a globalizing world.

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19th July 2012

The House of the European Union, Vienna, Austria

Conference „Cultural Diplomacy and the European Educational Policies 2012“

Organised by the ICD - Institute for Cultural Diplomacy conference

The House of the European Union hosted one programme part of the first ICD Vienna Conference.
The Conference was organised by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Berlin in collaboration with Vienna Ditiramb Community and the Diplomatic Academy Vienna (Felix Kreisler Institute for Austrian-French Relations). The issues raised during the conference will be discussed from a range of interdisciplinary
perspectives, which will enable the generation of best practice guidelines and policy
recommendations for stakeholders in the field.

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22. Juni 2012
Cultural Centre "Bürgerspital" Drosendorf, Austria

Concert within the framework of ’Music & Literature Summer’

Brief outline of program
  • Performance of theatre scenes & songs written by & with students of the Drosendorf Primary School based on articles of the Convention of the Rights of the Child
  • Interactive reading by renowned Austria author Julian Schutting

Human Rights for children using the UNESCO Arts in Education Approach.

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26 May 2012

Drosendorf Castle, Austria

Inaugural concert of UNESCO Club Vienna Chamber Orchestra

Performance by UNESCO club Vienna Chamber Orchestra with Robert Pobitschka on Piano and members of Tonkünstler Orchestra of Lower Austria.

Link to concert here.

  • Culture Contact Lower Austria


22 June 2012
Drosendorf, Austria.

Workshop for High School students on UDHR

  • Historical development of democratic principles through social and political movements.
  • Relevance of UDHR for youth today with respect to rights and responsibilities (discussion and interactive research on computers in the classroom)

Human Rights education

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30 April 2012
Krems/Stein, Austria.

International Jazz Day





Monday Session
(Official event of Austria to inaugurate UNESCO International Jazz Day)

The promotion of young Jazz artists to celebrate the unique role Jazz plays as a vehicle for communication.
To illustrate the synergy between the Jazz Club, a civil society initiative, and formal education institution
Jazz diplomacy. This is what the world needs now, according to UNESCO Ambassador and legendary jazz pianist, Herbie Hancock. In an interview, Hancock explains “Jazz has been the voice of freedom for so many countries over the past half century. This is really about the international diplomatic aspect of jazz and how it has through a major part of its history, been a major force in bringing people of various countries and cities together.”

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2012 - 7

19 March - 14 October 2012
Vienna, Austria

Participants in the "Vienna Charter"

The Vienna Charter is an instrument of direct democracy and responds to a new understanding of politics.’The Vienna Charter aims to set the course for a good and respectful climate in our city in cooperation with all our citizens’.


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